Jan 1st – New year’s dive!

As we’ve brought up earlier, cold can actually be quite healthy! Knowing that, it is clear that there is no better way of starting the year than by doing the New year’s dive!

…Will you be joining?

This Dutch tradition started on January the first 1960 in Zandvoort and was arranged by the local swim club there. The first dive in Scheveningen happend 5 years later (in 1965), and 19 years ago Unox became sponsor of this event. In those 19 years, the event has been cancelled only once due to extreme cold. So do not sign up and plan for it to be cancelled ;).

Registration starts at 10:30, and stops after 10.000 tickets have been sold. There is no option of pre-registering, therefore the meet up for this event is set for 10:00 AM on the first on Jan 2019. So that we have time to find each other and get in line. Costs are 3 euro’s per person (pay there) and in return you’ll get an amazing memory, a great start of the year, a Unox cap, and soup. So what reason could you have not to attend?

If you want to join, let us know in the comments below and we will reach out to you with more details.

Hope to see you there!

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