Jan 13th – Dive in the Sea

You might already have seen the other post related to the new years dive. But what we have not been vocal about is that every Sunday at 10 AM, a varying subset of our group is diving into the sea already! 

I started in the beginning of November on a day when the temperature was 2 degrees Celsius, and the water temperature was 10 degrees Celsius. Now that it has become winter the outside temperature has become 7 degrees, so see – nothing to bad ;). To give an impression, below is a video we’ve made on the 16th of December when it had snowed. 

What I’ve found out is that it has become a weekly activity I look forward to. As for one,  the cold it is healthy, but secondly it is great to run into the sea with a group of friends while laughing, shouting, and having genuine fun!

We have been doing this for a quite a number of weeks now, and plan to keep diving into the sea throughout the winter  and into the summer. As we keep telling others about this, more people are interested in joining – either once of more times. In the last two weeks, two colleagues of mine joined as well. 

For the 13th of January, we have six new people that have shown interest. Meaning that we might make it pass the ten people marker this time! 

Are joining as well in an attempt to make it twenty people :)? – Let any of us know!

Hope to see you there!

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