Jan 19th – Ecstatic Dance

Have you ever wondered what it is like to just dance and let your body flow with the music? I suppose most of us had moments at home, when music is on, no one is watching and our body starts moving. I bet you experienced quite some excitements during those sessions.

Now imagine a seriously amplified excitement, lots of happy people around you and good music. It Is called: Ecstatic dance.

I first heard of ecstatic dance from a friend about a year ago. Then later on I saw a bunch of hippy looking people dancing like crazy at the beach of Scheveningen. I thought to myself: what a bunch of idiots. Why on earth would you dance like that, dress like that and do this in front of other people. They seemed extremely happy though, but through my judgmental mind I could only interpret it this way: They must be stoned or drunk. I am not interested in this crowd whatsoever.

Time passed and being a part of BraveZone also means trying things that you would not try otherwise. Share time with people who see this world very differently than yourself. So the decision was made, BraveZone members must experience ecstatic dance.

The venue has a reception desk where the organizers welcomed us and did a short introduction about what we can expect. Then a gathering area where you can talk to people and hang your coats. Then a dance floor behind curtains, where some tea and water are available. There are some rules that are good to know:

  • Comfortable clothing
  • Dancing on barefoot or socks
  • Noises are allowed
  • No drugs/no alcohol
  • No talking

I felt a bit awkward, but I did not feel that anybody looked at us like we are strangers. To be honest, I think I looked at them like they are strange people. Then the music started and all of a sudden, some people started dancing but it was just a warm up. I think I was still judging them a little bit about their clothing and dancing. Few minutes later, the host stopped the music and welcomed everyone. We made a big circle around the dance floor and she warmed us up a little bit. Then the music tuned in slowly and everyone got carried away by the flow. I also noticed that actually nobody really care about me or anyone for that matter. They cared about the music, their happiness and the connection to the whole event. Their body just followed the music, everyone moved differently. I also wanted to experience it, therefore I tried to let go and focus on myself and what I feel, nothing else. Off course in the beginning I wondered: “What if I look silly, what would they think, am I doing it right?” Luckily my mind was slowly giving in so my body can abandon itself to the rhythm.  My moves were unstructured and uncontrolled. I truly felt light and free. Nobody was judging, I could do anything. The best of all, my mind was not busy anymore. I was absorbed in the dancing and most of the time I was not thinking about anything. It was beautiful. The music varied from very slow to very fast, you could experience dancing with or without others. It was a two hours journey to somewhere I’ve never been before.

So, answering the kick off question “how it feels to let your body flow with the music”: it is wonderful and makes you feel relieved and excited. Also very different than social dancing like Salsa, Bachata or Kizomba where there is a clear formality how to go about dancing with others and steps are structured and to be practiced. I enjoyed it so much that I will try it again. I would like to experience dancing with other people I don’t know. I would also like to talk to some of them, just to know what their stories are. I am pretty sure some of them are fascinating. I hope you can join us next time:

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    If anyone is interested of this fantastic experience go visit:


  2. Jose Hernandez says:

    Nice article Peter!

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