Dec 2nd – Bungeejumping

Are you ready to take the plunge? I hope you are, as this December we will be falling out of our comfort zones at Bungee Scheveningen the Pier. Will you be jumping with us?

Personally, I (Jorik) have made my first jump on the 24th of June this year, together with my brother as part of a challenge as well. I recall the hours leading up to jump as scary and nerve wrecking, but also as fun and exciting! We both kept saying; “we are really going to do this”.

Then the moment arrived, and we were actually there.. and we were being asked all sorts of questions; what is your weight? who is jumping first? Do this, do that. All in preparation of the moment you go up in the crane. The whole preparation is quite an accelerator for the nerves.

But I’ll stop here, and leave it for you to experience it!

Realizing that we have not introduced a single reason for you to actually join, we’ve copied in two extracts from blog posts of people that have experienced this as well. Both show what you can gain quite nicely.

…What I learnt from bungee jumping, is that the longer you wait to take the leap, the more time you have to make excuses and convince yourself to back out. Sometimes in life you just have to take that leap of faith. Close your eyes, jump and everything will work out.


And as all good things come in pairs;

I could’ve bungee jumped years back when the opportunity presented itself, but I was scared. Not so much so of the rope snapping, but of the unknown. Of letting go of fears that were holding me back from jumping, and living. I was comfortable with my safe life.


For those who have jumped before; do not let that deter you. Extra elements can be added to make your jump different from earlier ones.

If you want to join, let us know in the comments below and we will reach out to you with more details.

Hope to see you then!
Tavo & Jorik

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