April 6th – Brave Zone Saturday

A self-organized trip to Amsterdam was the starting point of Brave Zone. It was amazing! Going out of your comfort zone with a group of friends can be so much fun! Have a look at this video to see our experience of that day!

Last year we ended up making many more ambitious challenges a reality. (See the video below.)

Life has so much more to offer, if you are willing to face your fear. The value that Brave Zone creates is making that painful, diligent process of getting out of the comfort zone a much easier and enjoyable experience. And this experience needs your commitment.

Our coming up flagship event is the Brave Zone Saturday. Could that be your starting point of a life-changing journey?

Time: 1 PM – 10 PM, 6th April, Saturday

Location: ABC Treehut, Lange Poten 23, The Hague (Entrance via American Book Store)

Cost: 10 Euro

Registration: Comment below to join our Whatsapp group and confirm your interest. 

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