About Us

Our Approach

We share the passion to enrich our lives by facing the biggest fears and bringing the positive energy to others. Started as a crazy idea to do out-of-the-box challenges while travelling to Amsterdam we have build a whole structure to take everyone from the comfort zone to the Brave zone. We've seen massive differences in our believes and life quality.

Why Brave Zone?

Outside of the comfort zone is where you grow, where you experience the extraordinary, and where your life thrives. So we call it Brave Zone. It's the center to improve many crucial elements in life:

- Confidence
- Relationships
- Creativity
- Physical and mental health
- Career success

Meet the Team



Joris works as leadership trainer and coach for a wide scope of clients - senior executives, MBA students, start-ups and NGO leaders, focusing on enabling personal and professional growth. An important element of this is stretching their comfort zone through facing their fears. He practices this himself in various ways - he ran marathons, climbed Cotopaxi, did skydiving, did a water-fast 4 days and nights in the desert, had an ayahuasca ceremony, and regularly swims in the sea in Winter. His dream is for people to be their true selves. At the same time he likes not to take life too seriously.



He believes that facing fear continuously is the only way to a happy and fulfilled life. It's also the secret to stay young mentally. Originally from Beijing, he has been through some uncomfortable but life-changing events: sleeping in a refugee camp, giving a comedy show with 30 min to prepare, immersing in -110 C temperature, etc. His passion is to make Brave Zone a true impact on millions lives.



He came across social freedom exercises in 2016. Since then, he likes to push his boundaries frequently to become more comfortable in uncomfortable moments. Lived in 3 countries and visited 43, this Hungarian has experienced lots of challenges: surviving for days after being robbed, staying in the basement of a Muslim family, sleeping for free in a village, hitchhiking through a country, going through jungles and deserts, trying all sort of sports, competitions and activities. His Kryptonite is heights. Therefore, he regularly fights it in a safe way. He is interested in social dynamics and the psychological aspects of human interactions. His goal is to live socially free and help other people experience this in a positive way.



Having jumped on the bandwagon earlier this year, he has the joy of having more uncomfortable experiences he has yet to face in comparison to the others. He likes experiencing the adrenaline rush of heights and frequently chases that by Climbing, Skydiving, Bungee jumping, abseiling from the Euromast, or walking on ‘the world’s most dangerous plankway’ in China. In his brave zone you’d find activities that involve being in the center of attention of a crowd. His aim with Bravezone is to motivate others (and be motivated by them) to constantly add more experiences to the comfort zone!