Cold Therapy

Cold Meditation

Cold Therapy

Not a long time ago I heard about Wim Hof – a crazy Dutch guy climbing snow mountains with only shorts and running half-naked marathon inside polar circle. He got a nickname “Iceman”. Truly crazy but amazing. And he reveals that gradually expose yourself to the cold is very healthy, evidence on his website:

On18th November morning 10:30 we will go to Freezlab in Amsterdam, where we challenge ourselves to experience cold temperature of – 110 C. That’s going to be uncomfortable! And if we survive we will continue with some more fun challenges ; )

You don't need to go one-step into the Freezlab or ice-bath. To start with small steps you can take a cold shower everyday. Yes, I know it sucks. The past 2 months it sucks every time, but after that I feel great. Nothing at work can be worse than the feeling of a cold shower! It’s both physically healthy and mentally challenging!


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